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Unfortunately, the new flagship Samsung Galaxy Fold production is being halted until further notice. Too many issues and problems with the device as of now. Durability and design is a big problem with the existing prototype.
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Hi everyone, I’m new here in ooloo 
What's wrong with people in general? Since when did being human and living amongst other people become so hard? All these killings and hatred aren't necessary. The attempts of assassinating presidents and other government officials are not the way to handle situations. Remember when we all were children? Remember how many times you may have sat around wishing you had someone to play with? Remember the times where you laughed the most and had such fun? Those times were when you were with another child playing, laughing, making memories and enjoying life. It didn't matter who they were, color, race, ethnicity, religion or wealth or poor. What mattered is that they were there for you and helped
Stars for Sale
Got a brand new 5 point gold star for sale. Get it while it's night time! $20 each No holds! This is a test post just showing some functionality on the users wall and feed
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