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  • Mathew Turner What camera do you shoot with?

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    • Jeremy Monroe I shoot with a Nikon D750. For macro I use a Tokina 100mm + a teleconverter 2x.

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      • Oh ok. Looks like that setup does a fine job. I am considering getting a mirrorless camera but still deciding which one I would like to go with.

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      • Tough one. For me it would have to be Full frame, ergonomics, (do not like small body, or minimal grip), and maturity. My ergonomics requirements leaves two choices, Nikon Z series, will not mature until at least 3rd generation, and Panasonic S series. Ergonomics are excellent and Panasonic have the experience in mirror less so that gives the S series maturity out of the gate. Personally I would rather stay with Nikon, however if I were planning to switch to mirror less in the immediate future, (professionally, money being no object), I would have to go with the Panasonic Lumix S series and the L mount alliance. My opinion based on reviews.

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