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What's wrong with the world?

What's wrong with people in general? Since when did being human and living amongst other people become so hard? All these killings and hatred aren't necessary. The attempts of assassinating presidents and other government officials are not the way to handle situations. Remember when we all were children? Remember how many times you may have sat around wishing you had someone to play with? Remember the times where you laughed the most and had such fun? Those times were when you were with another child playing, laughing, making memories and enjoying life. It didn't matter who they were, color, race, ethnicity, religion or wealth or poor. What mattered is that they were there for you and helped you enjoy those times as a child.

Now since you we older, we've obviously let all those memories, feelings, beliefs, and moments be forever changed. Hatred and judgmental ways have grown in the hearts and minds of our people. No longer do we feel that the person next to us is of any importance. We feel a certain way that we are above that person because they may be different than us or where they were born. We even turn noses to some of those very same people that once made us laugh because they may have not educated themselves the same as us or drive a lower priced vehicle than us. Sometimes, we even move past a person avoiding touch as if we're too good to touch such a person.

The hate is growing. The feeling of disgust is more apparent. The need to end people's lives because they disrespected us or don't have our same beliefs is consistently happening. And when we are asked how we would feel if one of our loved one's were savagely taken away, or our mother's hearts hurt due to a crime committed against one of our own family members, we try to man up and state what we would do. However, these thoughts are never considered before one of us attempts to or does take the life of another. Hypocrisy is a dangerous and ignorant thing. Hatred consumes the minds of people. It blinds the heart and hides the once happy thought and memories we had when we were with those very same people at a much younger age.

Life does teach us lessons in what we should or shouldn't do. However, life doesn't make us choose the path we will take or the actions we do. It is up to us to be understanding, help others, and see that all of us are people wanting the same thing while we are alive. Have family, be loved, and have many happy days while making memories. Let us instill love in each other, embed happy moments in our days, and build beautiful memories in our hearts that we can share and remember forever.

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  • Build beautiful memories. Well said.

    I keep thinking that humans are born with a cognitive defect that makes us want to look for the meaning of existence, and since the answer isn't coming we substitute by seeking the value of existence instead. Fame, respect, appreciation, endorsement, high pay, "success" - as if these things would collectively be enough to somehow make our existence meaningful. And then anything that doesn't work towards filling that piggy bank is discarded as an annoying nuisance. A child doesn't associate their value with their meaning, just facing life one spoon at a time and reacting to taste. 

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    • I agree. Defintely a great explanation. Thanks for joining and for your input.

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